Championship Qualifiers -Who qualified to date

Championship Qualifiers
  Rider/Horse combination listed is of the "Highest Level" they qualified in
Rider may be listed more than once if they also qualified with a different horse and vice versa

First Name Last Name Horse  Date Qualified Score Highest Level Qualified in
Erica Adam Bowie 20-Aug 64.853 First Level
Kristi Adornetto Avant Garde 20-Aug 62.317 Second and Above
Kelly Alcock Cameo 20-Aug 62.059 First Level
Victoria Asbrock A Gold Review 23-Jul 65.500 Intro C
Maia Barnes Brando 20-Aug 77.273 Training Level -Test 3
Danielle Bartholf Sir William IH 20-Aug 73.182 Training Level -Test 3
Morgan Bender Niles RAH 23-Jul 62.500 Intro B
Nancy Bincarousky Rafiki 20-Aug 60.610 Second and Above
Allison Black Kir Royale 23-Jul 61.250 Intro B
Mackenzie Booth Romantic Gesture 20-Aug 74.512 Second and Above
Carrie Callahan Out 'N' About 30-Apr 67.650 First Level
Jeanne Carty SNF Maarta 20-Aug 63.971 First Level
Norah Cotter Olivia 23-Jul 65.938 Intro B
Lynn Davis T Constantinus a/k/a Costa 30-Apr 67.040 Training Level -Test 3
Chelsea Deephouse Next Level GHJ 23-Jul 69.118 First Level
Martha Detering Rarity 20-Aug 70.694 Second and Above
Nancy Dixon Formal Affair 23-Jul 63.438 Intro B
Monika Dujardin Quebec 20-Aug 72.955 Training Level -Test 3
Yvonne Emerson Belize 30-Apr 0.730 Training Level -Test 3
Elsa Emerson Chanell 05 30-Apr 69.770 Training Level -Test 3
Elsa Emerson Player 23-Jul 66.136 Training Level -Test 3
Yvonne Emerson Afoltair 20-Aug 73.864 Training Level -Test 3
Scott Emerson Watson 23-Jul 65.625 Intro B
Stephanie Gale Da Vinci's Bonus 20-Aug 63.974 Second and Above
Caitlin Gallagher Arturo 20-Aug 65.147 First Level
Paula Germinario Em Giadonnia 11-Jun 66.760 First Level
Elizabeth Glass Baltic Victory 20-Aug 73.182 Second and Above
Michelle Graziano Atlas 30-Apr 60.700 Training Level -Test 3
Anna Gunning Devon Hill 20-Aug 69.412 First Level
Elizabeth Hart Anniah 23-Jul 73.864 Training Level -Test 3
Trisha Hessinger Forrest Elf 20-Aug 69.872 Second and Above
Claire Holland Fred 23-Jul 71.875 Intro B
Andrea Jackson FS Djambo 20-Aug 70.854 Second and Above
Sandy Kantor Saving Grace 23-Jul 64.318 Training Level -Test 3
Sandy Kantor Amazing Astro 20-Aug 70.682 Training Level -Test 3
Kathy Keating TRYAN 30-Apr 67.300 Training Level -Test 3
Gail Kloss Frisca NTF 23-Jul 63.000 Intro C
Cara Klothe Hhot Tamale 30-Apr 75.400 Second and Above
Cara Klothe Dhanube 30-Apr 72.700 Training Level -Test 3
Ryleigh Koch Destiny 30-Apr 63.800 Intro C
Sofia Lavin Belizian Bold Spirit 30-Apr 61.900 Intro B
Jessica Longstreth West Point Cadet 20-Aug 64.024 Second and Above
Mike McGrath Ruby Valentino 23-Jul 61.875 Intro B
Jill Murray Favory Tukwila 20-Aug 67.727 Training Level -Test 3
Brenda Noss Amazing Astro 23-Jul 72.188 Intro B
Kaylee Oliver With Flair 23-Jul 61.563 Intro B
Hannah Parker Chiara's Haven 20-Aug 72.683 Second and Above
Jenn Pass Wherthering Heights 30-Apr 67.000 Second and Above
Michaela Raines Juliet 23-Jul 63.800 Intro C
Michaela Reinert Remy Martin 30-Apr 72.100 First Level
Cindy Rosner Pequinesa Mor 20-Aug 65.227 Training Level -Test 3
Judy Ross Charra 30-Apr 71.500 First Level
Sarah Scammahorn Aragon 20-Aug 66.481 Second and Above
Lisa Scibetta Devos Boaz 30-Apr 62.200 Intro B
Vicki Sher Divine FH 30-Apr 73.500 First Level
Katelyn Stahl Super Louie 30-Apr 60.200 Training Level -Test 3
Olivia Steidle SenSation HW 30-Apr 75.000 Training Level -Test 3
April Stieh Butters 11-Jun 61.100 Training Level -Test 3
Beth Urbaniak Meadow Brook Qataar 20-Aug 66.591 Training Level -Test 3
Jane Ward Too Fabulous 23-Jul 61.136 Training Level -Test 3
Cindy Weber PC 11-Jun 67.000 Intro C
Victoria Weber Showin' Off 23-Jul 63.000 Intro C
Patty Weston Let the Cat Out 20-Aug 68.780 Second and Above
Yarrow Wilkins Sayge N' Spice 20-Aug 62.273 Training Level -Test 3
Paige Zimmerman A Year In Time 20-Aug 63.235 First Level