2018 Year End Award Recipients

Youth Awards
Name Horse's name  Avg Score
  High Score Training and Below Devon Frinzi Figuero 72.692
High Score First and Above Ryleigh Koch Silver's Destiny 67.593

Schooling Show
Youth Intro A & B
Champion Morgan Bender  Karolina GF 66.979
Reserve Champion Elizabeth Pepper Coolest Rockster 65.625
Youth Pre-Training
Champion Elizabeth Pepper Blue Collar Man 64.868
Youth Training Level
Champion Devon Frinzi Figuero 68.83
Reserve Champion Paige Dolon Just Ginger 68.77
Third Place Emma Nasados Diamond in Time 66.364
Fourth Place Montana Coleman Starlight 64.696
Fifth Place Jaclyn James Kaleidoscope 64.265
Sixth Place Riley Schreiber Spotlight Chic 63.76
Seventh Place Rylan Kresge I Found Nemo 63.298
Eighth Place Madison Metrick Othello 63.119
Youth First Level
Champion Ryleigh Koch Silver's Destiny 65.104
Recognized_ Rated Show
Youth Training_Recognized _Rated
Champion Ryleigh Koch Silver's Destiny 65.076
Adult Awards
Name Horse's name  Score
Bronze Medal Trisha Hessinger
Bronze Medal Annemarie Yoder
Bronze Medal Michaela Raines
Silver Medal Paula Germinario
Vintage Vicki Sher Qharaoke 70.944 (First Level)
High Score Training & Below Nancy Krial Isosceles 69.615 (Training  2)
High School First & Above Vicki Sher Qharaoke 74.118 (First 3)
Schooling Show
Intro A/B 
Champion Chelsea Deephouse Fiesta WSF 68.85
Reserve Champion Debbie Ligorano Apple Lucy 68.438
Third Place Lisa Scibetta Boaz 68.229
Intro C
Champion Jen Koch Danny 64.5
Reserve Champion Emily Monsen Loxley 63.58
Third Place Beth Ann Adams Peanut 62.66
Champion Cindy Weber PC 63.25
Reserve Champion Jen Koch Danny 62.02
Training Level
Champion Peggy Patterson-Cini La Fonda Gold 69.23
Reserve Champion Michaela Raines Juliet 67.06
Third Place Annemarie Yoder Winterschein DCH 66.338
Fourth Place Kari O'Brien Romeo 63.781
Fifth Place Kim Fredericks Laurel Chase Fresh Brew 63.705
First Level
Champion Vicki Sher Qharaoke 70.944
Reserve Champion Rachel Vales Duncan 62.629
Second Level
Champion Paula Germinario EM Giodonna 67.7
Third Level
Champion Jennifer Pass Whuthering Heights 60.393
Fourth Level
Champion Stephanie Gale Davinci's Bonus 62.164
Recognized_ Rated Show
Champion - Third Level Patricia Weston Embracing Picasso 63
Champion - Fourth Level Stephanie Gale Davinci's Bonus 60.568
Champion - Prix St George Maurine Swanson Preso 61.078
Photographers Choice Award 
Henry Sipple Apple Lucy
Recognizing LVDA Members receiving USDF Awards 

USDF Youth Shining Star Program
   2019 Recipient from LVDA
   Emma Nasados
USDF Youth Dressage Rider Recognition Pin Recipients 2018
   Ryleigh Koch
   Riley Schreiber
2018 USDF Arts Contest
    Arts Division 15 & Under
       2nd Place -   Paige Zimmerman "Buddy"
USDF Bronze Medals USDF Silver Medals USDF Gold Medal
Nick Bleiler  Maureen (Mo) Swanson Cara Klothe
Stephanie Gale 
Hannah Parker Masters Challenge Award FEI Levels
Jennifer Pass Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Breeder of the Year
Maureen (Mo) Swanson Maureen (Mo) Swanson
USDF General Interest Article Award 
First Place for GMO's with 74-174 members  Patty Weston