Championship Show Class Qualification Requirements

                                                    LVDA Championship Classes Qualification Requirements
The Championship classes to be offered will be
  • Introductory B
  • Introductory C
  • Training Level Test 3
  • First Level Test 3
  • Second Level and Above (Riders may choose from 2-3 or 3-3)

Requirements to be eligible to compete in the LVDA Championship classes are:

  • The Championship class award is based on a horse/rider combination.   A horse may compete with more than one (1) rider, or the rider may compete with more than one (1) horse, but the average will be calculated on each horse/rider combination. 
  • The horse/rider combination must have received a minimum score of 60% at one (1) previous LVDA event of the current year in the class they want to compete in.
    • Horse/Rider combination must compete in the "Highest Level Class" they have received a qualifying score in.
  • The single exception is in the Second Level and Above class:
    • Any horse/rider combination that has received a 60% or better while competing at Second Level Test 2 or higher, may compete in the Second Level and Above Championship class.
    • Second Level Test 2 and higher competitors will be judged in the Second Level and Above class as one class.
    • The horse/rider combination should choose whether they want to ride at 2-3 or 3-3 in this class and inform the judge which they chose.
The Owner and/or Rider need not be an LVDA member.

Ribbons (1st - 6th) and Awards (1st and 2nd) will be presented in a ceremony following each level.    
  • We ask that riders come "Turned Out" and braided.    Additional awards may be given for superb turn-out.