LVDA Clinic Scholarship Program   (printable pdf version)

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  Program Guidelines

The LVDA Clinic Scholarship program is a multiple scholarship program that will provide a maximum of $500 in Clinic Scholarships per year. Each scholarship will pay 50% of the cost of an LVDA- sponsored clinic, up to a maximum of $50.00 per scholarship.   This does not include Fix-a-Tests, and these scholarships cannot be applied to anything other than a clinic entry fee.     

Current 2019 Clinics our Clinic Scholarships can be applied towards: 

March 31 -   Clinic with Cara Klothe

April 6 - Cavaletti Clinic
May 5 -  Clinic with Alexa Derr

August 31- Sep 1-   Clinic with Lauren Spreiser

 LVDA members who meet the following criteria can apply for the LVDA Clinic Scholarships:

  • Members must submit a completed Clinic Scholarship Application 30 days prior to the date of the clinic you want to use the scholarship for.
  • Members must be in good standing at the time of the application (current calendar year membership dues paid).
  • Members must have been a volunteer for at least 4 hours of “hands on activities” at an LVDA event in the previous 12 month period prior to the date of the Clinic Scholarship Application. 
    • This does NOT include any volunteer hours obtained from donated hours or from being a board member or from obtaining sponsors.

  Scholarship Award Process:

  • The Online LVDA Clinic Scholarship Application must be submitted 30 days prior to the date of the clinic you want to use the scholarship for.
  • In the event that there are more applicants than available scholarship money, the names of all applicants who meet the criteria will be placed in a hat and drawn randomly.
    • A list of the order the names were drawn in will be documented and posted on the LVDA website, and will be included in the next LVDA Board meeting minutes.  A video of the drawing will also be available on the website.
    • The order in which the names appear on the list will determine which applicants receive the Clinic Scholarships.
  • Winners of the Clinic Scholarships will need to have their completed clinic entries in to the secretary of the clinic by the closing date of the clinic or they will forfeit their scholarship.
  • If a member who has been granted a scholarship needs to withdraw from a clinic, the member whose name is next on the list will be offered the scholarship.
  • If a clinic is canceled, those who have been granted Clinic Scholarships have the opportunity to use their scholarships at the next LVDA-sponsored clinic.
  • Members may receive a Clinic Scholarship once every 2 years.
  • Members who receive Clinic Scholarships must submit a 1-paragraph essay regarding their experience at the clinic, to The LVDA CenterLine newsletter editor, within 1 month after they use the scholarship.

If circumstances arise that are not covered by these guidelines, the Scholarship Committee will decide how to resolve any issues.  All decisions made by the Scholarship Committee are final.


LVDA Scholarship Committee