LVDA Membership

LVDA offers a wide variety of membership types to meet a variety of needs.  We offer Individual Youth memberships (21 yrs and under),  Individual Adult membership (21 yrs or order), Family memberships (more than one member of the same household). 

The membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st each year.  Membership renewals are accepted as early as the end of October and are processed in the order they are received.  Renewing your membership early will avoid the last minute rush and prevent any lapse in your membership benefits.  The LVDA pays for your "Group Membership" with the USDF when you join or renew your LVDA membership.   An initial roster must be submitted to the USDF by December 1, so to be included in our initial roster and receive your USDF Group Membership number early, renew or join the LVDA before December 1st.

The easiest and quickest way to apply for, or renew, a membership is to use the our 2019 Online Membership Form .   You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your form and receive a welcome letter with you LVDA membership number within a few weeks, therefore you must provide a valid email address when you fill out the application.

IMPORTANT REMINDER …. BEFORE signing up for a show, please verify that you are a current member to be able to take advantage of our LVDA Member discounted show fees.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Since the LVDA Membership Secretary maintains a database of members, including member information, it is very important that you notify the membership secretary ( of any changes to your contact information.  Otherwise, your information could be published incorrectly in the Member Directory (you can choose whether to have your contact information included in the Member Directory when you fill out the online membership application.)

 LVDA Membership Types and Fees

Individual Adult Membership -  1 year: $50
An individual who has reached their 21st birthday prior to January 1st of the membership year

Individual Youth Membership - 1 year: $30
An individual who has NOT reached their 21st birthday by January 1st of the membership year

Family Membership (includes membership for all members of same household) - 1 year: $70
A Family is defined as individuals in the immediate family who either live at the same residence or who have the same legal address.  All family members listed on your membership form will be submitted to the USDF Group Membership roster and are recognized by USDF and each will be given a separate USDF Group Member ID.  Each family member will have the same LVDA Member ID.

Membership Benefits 

As an LVDA member, you can enjoy the following club benefits:

· Discounts on LVDA Schooling shows and clinics

· Free admission to LVDA educational lectures

· Open invitation to LVDA Board Meetings

· Opportunities to apply for Scholarships & Grants

·Opportunities to earn Year End Awards

Additionally, once you are a club member, LVDA pays for you to have a USDF Group Membership which makes you eligible for:

·USDF Rider Awards

· The award winning USDF Connection magazine (one magazine per “family”)

· Eligibility to earn university credits

· Eligibility to receive member discount rates for USDF events

· Group Members also have the inside track on local dressage happenings and GMO-sponsored USDF educational clinics and programs.