LVDA Committees

The LVDA currently has a total of 11 primary committees.   
The committees are made up of a combination of LVDA board members and LVDA general members.  
Below is a full listing of the committees, their purpose, responsibilities and the committee members.    
The chairperson for each committee has their email address listed for anyone who has a question, concern or idea for that particular committee. 
If you interested on serving on a committee please complete this form:   LVDA Committee Sign Up Form

Show Committee
Show Committee Chairperson:   Lindsay VanAssen -
Show Committee Members:   Lindsay VanAssen, Meredith Prange, Sherry Morse, Terry Wetzel, Jennifer Koch, Kim Hirschman
Purpose:  Provide opportunities for members and non-members to have competitive opportunities and/or learning opportunities at shows, receive scores for year-end awards and championship classes, and provide experience for horse and riders to compete at larger regional and national competitions
Committee Primary Responsibilities:  Plan, Organize and Manage LVDA Schooling and Recognized Shows, Clinics, Fix-A-Tests

Awards Committee
Awards Committee Chairperson:
   Terry Wetzel - 
Awards Committee Members:  Sabrina Wetzel, Jennifer Koch, Chris Dickenson, Meredith Prange, Patty Weston, Terry Wetzel, Lisa Cope

Purpose:  Provide ribbons/prizes for the shows as well as year-end awards and recognition of members that demonstrate outstanding horsemanship and dedication to delivering the mission of the organization.   Centrally funded under the umbrella of the sponsorship and fundraising committee.
Committee Primary Responsibilities:  Selection and Ordering of Show Ribbons & Awards, Year-End Awards and Selection of Year-End Award Winners.  Creation of Award Rules & Regulations.

Media/Communications Committee

Media/Communications Chairperson:   Terry Wetzel -
Media/Communications Members:   Terry Wetzel, Sherry Morse, Jen Koch
Purpose:  To maintain and publicize up to date information regarding the organization and its activities, communicating opportunities to the membership and non-member subscribers, and ensuring appropriate advertising and promotion of the sponsors.

Committee Primary Responsibilities:   Website design and content maintenance.   The management and updating of the LVDA Facebook pages content.   Communications to LVDA membership via E-News emails, The LVDA CenterLine, LVDA Facebook pages.   Design and updating of LVDA ads, banners, flyers and posters.   Creation of marketing campaigns.  Development and updating of LVDA Publications.

Education Committee (includes former Scholarship Committee)

Education Committee Chairpersons:   Chris Dickenson -  
Education Committee Members:  Chris Dickenson, Jennifer Koch, Lindsay VanAssen, Terry Wetzel, Gail Carpency, Sue Kinney, Kim Hirschman, Cara Klothe, Jackie Greener
Purpose:  To plan, organize and provide various learning and educational opportunities in the sport of dressage and equine health and safety.   These learning and educational opportunities should be designed to encompass opportunities for not only our LVDA Members & Non-Members interested in dressage, but also for our equine community Non-Dressage Riders.    

These learning and educational opportunities should be provided through clinics, seminars, lectures and the ability for individuals to offset the cost of attending educational and learning events by providing several Scholarships, Grants and Volunteer Incentives.

Committee Primary Responsibilities:   Development, organization and management of Non-Competitive Educational Activities (Lectures, Seminars, Un-Mounted Clinics), Receipt of Scholarship Applications, Development of Scholarship Program rules and regulations, Selection of Scholarship Recipients.

Fundraising Committee  (formerly Sponsorship Committee)

Fundraising Committee Chairperson:  Terry Wetzel -
Fundraising Committee Members:   Terry Wetzel & Jennifer Koch
Purpose and Primary Responsibilities:   Developing, Organizing and Managing Fund Raising activities for LVDA General Fund, Youth Program Fund, Adult & Youth Team Competitions Fund.   Soliciting and obtaining Club, Youth Program and Team Competition sponsorships.  Creation and management of Sponsorship Levels and sponsor promotions.

Sub-Committee - Recognized Show Silent Auction
Silent Auction Chairperson -  Gail Carpency -
Silent Auction Committee Members:  Gail Carpency & Terry Wetzel

Purpose:  To organize and gather donated items for bidding at the Recognized Show Silent Auction to raise money for the LVDA General Fund 

Social Committee

Food/Social Committee Chairperson: Gail Carpency -
Food/Social Committee Members:   Gail Carpency, Terry Wetzel, Sue Kinney, Sherry Morse
Purpose and Primary Responsibilities:   To plan and organize social activities that provide the LVDA Membership the opportunity to get to know each other and learn from each other's experiences.   To plan and organize the LVDA Annual Awards Banquet.   Provide food and/or refreshments at all scheduled activities as needed and obtain volunteers to manage the concession stands at LVDA shows and events as needed.

Governance Committee - Includes a Sub-Committee - The Appeals Committee
Governance Committee Chairperson:   Sherry Morse -
Governance Committee Members:   Terry Wetzel, Sherry Morse, Chris Dickenson, Jason Raines
Purpose:  To keep the organization running within a defined and agreed to set of rules and standards established by the organization, and also in alignment with the GMO.
Committee Primary Responsibilities:  The Review and Updating of the LVDA By-Laws and Policies & Procedures Manual.   Monitoring any Rules & Regulations the various LVDA Committees may have for compliance with current By-Laws, Policies & Procedures and USDF guidelines.

Sub-Committee - Appeals Committee

Appeals Committee Chairperson:   Chris Dickenson -
Appeals Committee Members:   Chris Dickenson, Meredith Prange
Purpose:  To provide an avenue for the membership to bring issues and obtain a quick and fair resolution.
Committee Primary Responsibilities:  Receive requests from LVDA Members for review of any decision by the LVDA Executive Board that they do not agree on and would like to appeal for a reversal of the decision.   The Appeals Committee has the authority to overturn and reverse any LVDA Executive Board decision that has been brought up for appeal.

Youth Program Committee
Youth Program Committee Chairperson:   Jennifer Koch -
Youth Program Committee Members:   Jennifer Koch, Sue Kinney, Terry Wetzel, Cara Klothe, Jessie Schappell
Purpose and Primary Responsibilities:   To plan, organize and manage the various Youth Program Activities (youth clinics, youth team competitions and youth program fundraising).   To develop marketing methods that peak the interest of our local youth to participate and/or join the LVDA Youth Program.

LVDA Team Competition Committees
Adult Team Competition Committee Chairperson:   Sabrina Wetzel -
Adult Team Competition Committee Members:   Sabrina Wetzel, Jennifer Koch, Jenn Pass, April Stieh, Yarrow Wilkins
Committee Primary Responsibilities:  Planning and Organizing LVDA Adult Teams for Team Competitions.   Organizing LVDA Adult Team Activities (registration to Team Competitions, fundraising for Adult Team Competition Fund)

Sub-Committee - Youth Team Competition Committee
Youth Team Competition Committee Chairperson:   Jennifer Koch -
Youth Team Competition Committee Members:   Jennifer Koch, Sue Kinney, Terry Wetzel, Cara Klothe, Jessie Schappell
Committee Primary Responsibilities:  Planning and Organizing LVDA Youth Teams for Team Competitions.   Organizing LVDA Youth Team Activities (registration to Team Competitions, fundraising for Youth Team Competition Fund)