May 19 2013 Schooling Show Summary

LVDA's May 19 Show Report
After the show secretary (moi) jinxed  the show with predictions of wonderful weather, LVDA's first show of the season opened under grey skies and a light misting rain. While a sunny day would have been welcome, it was good weather for the riders and horses -- no wind, no flies, and cool temps. It was a real hair-flattener. Judge Cheryl Ash and many volunteers sported distinctive and varied hats to keep things interesting.

Ryleigh Koch, Leadline winner!
We started at 8am and went till almost 5pm -- and from the lead-line rider Ryleigh Koch
(pictured right) to the LVDA veterans, and  to the riders and horses new to LVDA, the show offered the kind of experience and encouragement you hope for in a schooling show.
  • A sassy young pony bounced around the ring a bit and tested the mettle of her junior rider. And we had a good number of junior riders!
  • Sue Wainwright competed on a palomino "pinch hitter" Bit 'O Honey when the horse she planned to ride couldn't come.
  • We enjoyed meeting many first-time LVDA show competitors -- riders came from as far away as Robesonia and West Chester PA!
 Many competitors said their rides surpassed their expectations, and everyone complimented Cheryl for her upbeat and honest observations. The high point pair of the day was Donna Davies and Randeno; The high point senior horse was Galant, ridden by Lara Masters. Congratulations All!