USDF L-Education Program Part 1: A Judge's Perspective
Spring 2018

Presented in Partnership by ESDCTA / LVDA
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March 17-18, 2018    USDF L Session A with Marilyn Heath
Rhythm & Blues Stables,  Allentown, New Jersey
Session A is Over

 April 21-22, 2018    USDF L Session B with Lois Yukins
Rhythm & Blues Equestrian Center,  Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Session B is over

 June 2, 3 2018    USDF L Session C with Joan Darnell
Gladstone, New Jersey

Application for Demo Riders for Session C

Deadline for Demo Ride Application is May 7, 2018

AUDITOR FEES (Individuals not pursuing certification)

Receive a discount on your auditor fee using
ESDCTA "Volunteer Bucks" or LVDA "Volunteer Hours" 
 4 hrs =$10 discount  8 hrs = $20 discount

NON-MEMBER AUDITOR                        $75/Session

Purpose of the Program
  • To give competitors, trainers, instructors and other interested people greater insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage;
  • To qualify individuals to judge schooling shows;
  • To meet a requirement to enter the USEF “r” Judge training program;
  • To provide continuing education of licensed judges and graduates of the L Program.

Important information you need to know:

Sessions A, B and C of Part 1 are designed for participants and silent auditors. Participants are individuals who are current members of USDF and are interested in learning about the judging process.

Completion of Part 1, in order, is required for entrance into a Part 2.   Participants must complete all three sessions.  

Visit for more information, and to understand the prerequisites for the program. 
 USDF L-Education Program - Participation Guide

Silent auditors do not need to fulfill any prerequisites in order to attend Part 1, other than registration.

Special Note on available discounts:
The ESDCTA has a Volunteer "Bucks" Program which issues "Volunteer Bucks Certificates" to individuals who have accumulated more volunteer hours than needed for any possible year end awards.   Members have the option of choosing to receive "Volunteer Hours" or "Volunteer Bucks Certificates" for their time.

       4 volunteer hours= $10 Certificate  8 volunteer hours = $20 Certificate 

The LVDA does not currently have a Volunteer Bucks program but does issue Volunteer Hours to their members for their volunteer time.

Both the ESDCTA and the LVDA have authorized the use of their respective Volunteer Hours/Bucks for members to use towards discounts for their "Auditor Fees" in the L Program.

Discount amounts are
$10 for 4 volunteer hrs/bucks    $20 for 8 volunteer hrs/bucks