So why do we volunteer? Why should we volunteer? Here are some answers:

Volunteering is knowledge. Interact with people who know the sport from all perspectives -- judges, technical delegates, other volunteers. 

Volunteering is social. you’ll be amazed at how many people you meet and how friendly they are.

Volunteering is skill-building. Scribing isn’t the only fun job! Scoring IS NOT boring! Learn how scores are calculated, get a better understanding of co-efficients, see how ties are handled, and more!

Volunteering is giving back. When you show, don’t you feel gratitude for the folks that go to all the trouble to make it happen? What a great opportunity to give back.

Volunteering is required for awards, scholarships, and other perks. If you're interested in trying for competition awards, or for scholarships, or any kind of recognition, volunteering is a must.

There are all kinds of volunteering jobs, from highly responsible to easy-peasy, and jobs that you can do from home or at your leisure. Get involved today! Contact Nancy Krial at VicePresident@lvda.org or call her at (610) 847-5520.