Executive Board Member Position Descriptions and Responsibilities

        The EB Position descriptions and responsibilities shall be as follows:


 LVDA President
The President shall have the general powers and duties of supervision management usually vested in the office of President.

The President shall prepare agendas and preside at all EB meetings.  The President may also appoint committee chairmen with the approval of the officers.


LVDA Vice President
The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President or upon request, perform all duties of that office.  In the event of the death or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall fill the unexpired term.


Executive Board Secretary

The EB Secretary shall maintain minutes of all EB meetings and make the EB minutes available to the LVDA general membership.

The EB Secretary shall also manage the preparation and distribution of any official LVDA correspondence upon the request of the EB.


LVDA Membership Secretary
The Membership Secretary shall process all new and renewal membership applications and maintain a current roster with the USDF.   The Membership Secretary is responsible for keeping track of all membership records and verifying that all membership dues have been paid and successfully processed.

The Membership Secretary shall present a LVDA membership status report to the EB at the monthly EB meetings.

LVDA Treasurer
The Treasurer shall:

o   Prepare the annual budget of the LVDA upon consultation with the EB. 

o   Present to the EB a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which shall include a comparison of the current year budget vs the previous year budget and a comparison of the current year projected revenue and expenses vs the previous year projected revenue and expenses and actual revenue and expenses.

o   Collect and disburse all of the LVDA’s monies.

o   Maintain and file LVDA tax records.

o   Present a written financial statement at each EB meeting.

o   Transaction, cash flow, and account balance reports shall be available to all EB members for review upon request.


LVDA Members-at-Large
The Members-at-Large shall attend 75% of the meetings of the EB and assist at any or all functions of the association.

The Members-at-Large shall present proposals of additional activities for the EB to consider that they may have received as suggestions from LVDA members. 


LVDA Webmaster / Editor

The LVDA Webmaster shall create, update and maintain the LVDA’s website in a manner that maintains the integrity of the LVDA and provides up to date information and documents which enable the LVDA members and visitors to participate in LVDA activities.

The LVDA Editor position shall create, edit and publish the LVDA’s newsletter (The LVDA CenterLine) and periodic E-Blasts, to communicate with the LVDA members.

 The LVDA Editor shall also create, edit and publish any required publications and documents as deemed necessary by the EB.


Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer
An Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer may be appointed by the Board to perform duties as designated by said Board.