LVDA Sponsorship Program 
The Lehigh Valley Dressage Association (LVDA), a 501(C) 3 charitable organization, is dedicated to promoting the Equestrian sport of Dressage in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey, by organizing and conducting Dressage competitions, clinics and educational lectures.    These competitions, clinics and lectures are designed to help improve the skills of the LVDA’s members and non-members who are interested in advancing themselves in the various levels of dressage and better prepare them for regional and national competitions. 

The overall costs involved in organizing and holding each of these type of events can be quite expensive.    A standard “Entry Fee” is charged for those registering to participate in each event, which only covers a small portion of each events costs.    The remaining costs are covered by the LVDA with the funds raised through our Sponsorship Program.

The LVDA Sponsorship Program offers 9 different sponsorship levels for our sponsors to choose from.   We have created a Sponsorship Opportunity Packet which includes the following information:

  • Listing of Sponsorship Levels
  • Instructions on How to become a Sponsor
  • Instructions on How to submit Ads, Artwork, Banners & Logos
  • How the LVDA uses the Sponsorship funds and donations
  • Sponsorship Commitment and Agreement Form