Scholarships and Grants
The LVDA offers two types of Scholarship Programs and one Grant.   

Riding & Education Scholarships  
The Riding & Education Scholarship Program provides funding for Two(2) Educational and Two(2) Riding scholarships yearly.   
Members who have demonstrated service within LVDA and commitment to and/or excellence in the sport of dressage are encouraged to apply.  

 Riding and Education Scholarship Application Form.                               

Clinic Scholarships
The LVDA Clinic Scholarship program is a multiple scholarship program that will provide a maximum of $500 in Clinic Scholarships per year.   Each scholarship will pay 50% of the cost of an LVDA-sponsored clinic, up to a maximum of $50.00 per scholarship. 
This does not include Fix-a-Tests, and these scholarships cannot be applied to anything other than a clinic entry fee.

Clinic Scholarship Program

Clinic Scholarship Application Form (Online Form)  

 Hillside Grant  -  The grant is dedicated to Rocco Colangelo

The Hillside Equestrian Center Grant is a continuing education grant to provide funding support for dressage riders who are looking to sharpen their skills.  The objective of the Grant is to enable the dressage rider and their horse(s) to set aside some time to do some concentrated work with a trainer or to participate in a USDF/USEF Recognized show.  

Previous Grant Recipients: 
2017 - Ryleigh Koch    2015 - Lindsay VanAssen    2013 - Patty Weston    2010 - Felicity   2009 - Gail Carpency    2008 - Nancy Krial

Riding Scholarship Recipients

Jennifer Koch

Sabrina Wetzel

Mackenzie Harper
Emily Monsen

Education Scholarship Recipients


No applicants 

Lindsay Ferris
Nancy Krial

Clinic Scholarship Recipients


Sabrina Wetzel
Patty Weston