As a non-profit organization the success of our various events is highly dependent on having a sufficient amount 

2018 Volunteer Hrs "As of 8/13/2018"

VolunteerTotal Hrs To Date4 hours of "Hands On"
Beth Ann Adams28Yes
Kieth Adams4Yes
Erica Adam8Yes
Kristie Adornetto12Yes
Cheryl Ash12Yes
Maria Barton5No
Tori Belles4Yes
Nancy Bincaroski8Yes
Mackenzie Booth8Yes
Ellen Broadhurst4Yes
Bobbi Bullard4Yes
Gail Carpency48Yes
Sue Casale4Yes
Montana Coleman8Yes
Peggy Connell12Yes
Chelsea Deephouse4Yes
Chris Dickenson133Yes
Karla Driesbach8Yes
Bria Eick8Yes
Joan Free4Yes
Billie Jo Fretz16Yes
Jeff Fretz16Yes
Devon Frinzi8Yes
Hannah Fritz4Yes
Paula Germinario12Yes
Liz Glass8Yes
Jackie Greener4Yes
Trisha Hessinger9Yes
Brian Holden8Yes
Trudy Johnson4Yes
Robert Johnson4Yes
Tina Jones20Yes
Joe Jones8Yes
Susan Kinney12No
Gail Kloss8Yes
Jennifer Koch58Yes
Ryleigh Koch26Yes
Dean Koch4Yes
Rylan Kresge8Yes
Jodi Kresge4Yes
Nancy Krial24Yes
Stephanie Kurtz8Yes
Annie Lenway8Yes
Debbie Ligorano8Yes
Joan Lutz4Yes
Sally MacGowen8Yes
Bob MacGowen16Yes
Madison Metrick11No
Emily Monsen20Yes
Sherry Morse29Yes
Michelle Moser4Yes
Mary Moyer8Yes
Emma Nasados16Yes
Kari O'Brien8Yes
Jenn Pass20Yes
Peggy Patterson-Cini8Yes
Jackie Petrole16Yes
Meredith Prange52Yes
Michaela Raines8Yes
Jason Raines8Yes
Michaela Reinert12Yes
Abbey Saduskey7No
Vicki Sher8Yes
April Stieh12Yes
Samantha Spaughnburg8Yes
Mo Swanson4Yes
Denise Timofai8Yes
Lindsay VanAssen44Yes
Patty Weston29Yes
Terry Wetzel108Yes
Sabrina Wetzel36Yes
Yarrow Wilkins12Yes
Piper Wilkins8Yes
Anne Marie Yoder12Yes
Paige Zimmerman12Yes
of volunteers at each event.   In addition to the joy of helping our organization run successful and enjoyable events for everyone, volunteer hours earned are a key element in being able to apply and receive Year End Awards (see our LVDA Award Programs webpage ).   
You can even help another member achieve their goal of receiving a Year End Award by transferring some of your volunteer hours to them!
(see Transfer Volunteer Hours and Awarding & Recording of Volunteer Hours sections below).

If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity during our 2018 season we have two main categories of volunteer opportunities.    Physical/"Hands On" Activities and Supporting Activities see details below.   

In an effort to show our appreciation of your volunteering commitments we currently award a specific amount of "volunteer hours" for each volunteer activity, which can be used towards applying for various Year End Awards.    
Please note
: Starting this year in addition to awarding volunteer hours, we are also awarding "Volunteer Bucks" punch cards valued at $5.00 for every 4 hours of volunteering.   These cards can be used for volunteers to purchase their food at any of our events food stands.

Please review the listing below which describes all of our current volunteer opportunities and how you can volunteer for them.

Physical Activities  (volunteer hours shown in parenthsis)
  • Show Secretary or Show Manager: (8 hrs)
  • Event Set Up and/or Tear Down: (4 hrs)
  • Scribe: (8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Runner(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Scorer(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Ring or Warm Up Steward: (8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Concessions Stand Attendant(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Floater(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Silent Auction Tables : (8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day) 
Supporting Activities (volunteer hours shown in parenthsis)
  • Volunteer at an NPASS event (receive half of the hrs worked at NPASS event)
  • Board or Active Committee service:  (4 hrs/yr)
  • Show or Clinic Host: (8 hrs if not paid)
  • Host a meeting / lecture: (4 hrs if not paid)
  • Organize a Fund Raiser: (4 hrs)
  • Submit a Newsletter Article:  (1 hr)
  • Solicit and obtain a Premier Diamond Sponsor:  (12 hrs)
  • Solicit and obtain a Diamond or Platinum Sponsor:  (8 hrs)  
  • Solicit and obtain a Gold Sponsor:  (8 hrs)  
  • Solicit and obtain a Silver Sponsor:  (4 hrs)  
  • Solicit and obtain a Bronze Sponsor:  (2 hrs)  
  • Transferred Volunteer Hours: (Receive Max. of 4 hrs from another member) 
Transfer of Volunteer Hours
  • Any LVDA member with enough volunteer hours may transfer up to 4 hours to another LVDA member during a calendar year.    
    • A LVDA member may transfer hours to multiple LVDA members but is restricted to a maximum of 4 hours to each individual per calendar year.
  • A LVDA member may accept up to a maximum of 4 volunteers hours transferred to them from another LVDA member.   
    • The volunteer hours transferred to them will count as "Supporting Activities" hours.
    • Benefit: If a member only has 4 "Physical Activities" hours they can still apply for a Year End Award if someone transferred 4 hours to them, which would give them the required 8 hrs for an award (4 personal "Physical Activities" and 4 "Supporting Activities").
  • Transfer Volunteer Hours via: Volunteer Hours Transfer Form 
Awarding and Recording of Volunteer Hours
  • Awarding of Volunteer Hours
    • "Physical/Hands On" volunteer hours are awarded to LVDA Members after each LVDA event through a report submitted by the "Show/Event" Manager
    • "Supporting Activities" volunteer hours are awarded to LVDA Members after they are reported by the LVDA Supporting Activities manager/coordinator
  • Recording of Volunteer Hours
    • All Volunteer hours (LVDA Physical & Supporting, NPASS Supporting, Transferred), are recorded on a LVDA Data Collection spreadsheet and an updated "Accumulated Volunteer Hours" report is posted on the LVDA "Volunteering" webpage within 1 week of each events completion.
    • Special Requirements:
      • NPASS "Supporting Activities" hours require an email to be submitted by the NPASS show manager or secretary to "",  stating the total amount of volunteer hours worked.  
        • Half of the NPASS "Total" amount of hours worked will be awarded and recorded as "LVDA Supporting Activities Hours" on the LVDA Data Collection spreadsheet.
      • Transferred Volunteer Hours require the LVDA Member who is transferring some of their volunteer hours to complete and submit the "Volunteer Hours Transfer Form".   
        • Upon receipt of the Volunteer Hours Transfer Form the availability of the requested amount of hours to be transferred will be verified and recorded under the LVDA member recipient's name on the LVDA Data Collection spreadsheet as "Supporting Activities" hours.