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The LVDA has created a Youth Development Program in 2018.   This program is designed to provide education, training and competition opportunities for our young riders under the age of 21, in the sport of dressage.   The program will include Youth Clinics/Lectures, Youth Fix-a-Tests, separate Youth Ribbons & Awards at Schooling and Recognized Shows, Youth Year-End Awards at our Year-End Awards Banquet, Youth Team Competitions and Youth Scholarship opportunities.

LVDA Youth Team
The LVDA Youth Program is looking for LVDA Youth Members who are interested in being part of our LVDA Youth Team for entering in various Youth Team Competitions.   If interested submit our Youth Team Interest Form 

LVDA Youth Awards
When the LVDA created the LVDA Youth Program they created a Adult Division and a "Youth Division" designation for all of their competitions and for their Awards Program.  Therefore our Youth now get their own Show Awards (Ribbons & Prizes) and their own Year End Awards, separate from the Adults. 
Read More on Awards Program  

Youth Volunteering
The LVDA would love to see our Youth participating in our Volunteer Program and acquire volunteer hours to qualify them for our Year End Awards.   They do not have to know how to perform all of the various volunteering position duties to be able to volunteer for "any" of the positions!  We will teach you via our "Shadow" volunteer option.   Want to learn how to be a Scribe or Scorer or Steward?   Our youth can volunteer for those positions as a "Shadow" and work along side one of our experienced volunteers to watch and learn.

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