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If you're interested in joining an enthusiastic and motivated group of adult amateur riders and want to have tons of fun, please fill out our Team Interest Form!


Adult Amateurs not necessarily interested in competing are welcome too!


Sign up as a "Support Team Member" for the opportunity to meet and support other adult members of LVDA.  Our goal with the adult team is not just to compete, but to build relationships and provide our members with the opportunities to learn and grow as dressage riders while supporting the team and LVDA.  


Everyone who signs up will be kept up to date on team social activities, team learning opportunities, and will be informed when and where they can tailgate and cheer for their friends if they are not also riding.


In 2023 there will be at least 4 opportunities for team competition! 

  • August 24 & 25th at the Dunmovin Dressage Days at Devon Recognized Show.  More info HERE

  • August 26 at the Dunmovin Amateur Only schooling show at Devon.  More info HERE.

  • October 7 at the Bucks County Horse Park's schooling show. More info to come.

  • November 11 & 12 team competition at PVDA's Recognized Show at Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD. More info to come.

    While we always try to have a few teams at the BCHP show we know that going to Devon or PVDA might be a bit intimidating as they are away shows and are more expensive than going to BCHP.  Regardless, we focus on having 
    fun while enjoying dressage with others, encouraging each other and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Adult Team Guidelines


  • Consist of 3 to 4 riders

  • May be a specific level or mixed levels

  • A horse/Rider combination can participate on only ONE team in a competition

  • A Rider may participate in more than one team on a different horse

  • The teams must follow the Competition Host's rules


Rider Qualifications:

  • Must be a paid-up adult member of LVDA 

If you have any questions about joining the Adult Team or participating in Adult Team activities please contact the committee at


A successful day at the BCHP Team Competition

LVDA Adult Team Competitions

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