LVDA Show Awards Program

All LVDA Member and Non-Member Competitors are eligible for the Show Awards Program


This program provides Show Ribbons for our AA, Open and Youth Divisions at each of our Schooling & Recognized Shows and are awarded strictly based on scores achieved on the day of the show.   All of these ribbons are distributed on the day of each show.

  • Schooling Show & Recognized Show Ribbons are awarded for 1st through 6th place in each "Class/Test" for our AA, Open & Youth divisions. 


  • High Score Ribbons are awarded for Intro/Training Levels Combined, First & Second Levels Combined, and Third & Above Levels Combined in our AA, Open & Youth Divisions at our Schooling Shows and Recognized Show.

  • Special Championship Show Ribbons are awarded for Champion, Reserve Champion, and 3rd through 6th place in each Championship Division for our AA, Open, and Youth divisions.

  • Special Championship Show Prizes – A Champion and Reserve Champion prize will be awarded in each "Championship Division" for each of our AA, Open & Youth divisions.