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LVDA Executive Board Members & Roles


LVDA President 
Jennifer Koch


  • Shall have the general powers and duties of supervision management usually vested in the office of President.

  • Shall prepare agendas and preside at all EB meetings.  

  • May appoint committee chairs with the approval of the officers.


LVDA Vice President

Sherry Morse


  • In the absence of the President or upon request, perform all duties of that office.  

  • In the event of the death or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall fill the unexpired term.


Executive Board Secretary

Bethany Lewis

  • Maintain minutes of all EB meetings and make the minutes available to the LVDA general membership.

  • Manage the preparation and distribution of any official LVDA correspondence upon the request of the EB.


LVDA Membership Secretary

Patty Weston


  • Process all new and renewal membership applications and maintain a current roster with the USDF.  

  • Responsible for keeping track of all membership records and verifying that all membership dues have been paid and successfully processed.

  • Shall present an LVDA membership report to the EB at the monthly EB meetings.

LVDA Treasurer

Ellen Broadhurst


  • Prepare the annual budget of the LVDA upon consultation with the EB. 

  • Present to the EB a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year

  • Collect and disburse all of the LVDA’s monies.

  • Maintain and file LVDA tax records

  • Present a written financial statement at each EB meeting.

  • The transaction, cash flow, and account balance reports shall be available to all EB members for review upon request.


LVDA Members-at-Large

Tracy Gallagher


Beth Kauffman

Jennifer Peters



Natasha Rutherford


Katie Staib

Maurine Swanson

Aileen Williams


  • The Members-at-Large shall attend a minimum 75% of the meetings of the EB and assist at any or all functions of the association.

  • The Members-at-Large shall present proposals of additional activities for the EB to consider that they may have received as suggestions from LVDA members. 


LVDA Webmaster

Sherry Morse

  • The webmaster shall create, update and maintain the LVDA’s website 

LVDA Editor

Ellen Broadhurst

  • The LVDA Editor shall create, edit and publish the LVDA’s newsletter (The LVDA CenterLine) and periodic E-Blasts, to communicate with the LVDA members.

    • Shall also create, edit and publish any required publications and documents as deemed necessary by the EB.

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