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Championship Show Competition
List of Qualified Riders 

Eligibility Rule

  • The LVDA Championships are open to LVDA members and non-members who have earned qualifying scores during the qualifying period. 


Qualifying Period

  • From May 1, 2022 through September 10, 2022

Qualifying Shows

  • Any LVDA hosted show including the USDF/LVDA Recognized Show


Qualifying scores

  • The same qualifying scores apply for both the Youth and Adult riders.


It is NOT required that the horse/rider combination achieve a certain rank in the class (i.e., first, second, etc.), only that the minimum percentage score be earned.


Qualifying scores that must be achieved per level (must be received at an LVDA show): 

Dressage Seat Equitation 60%+

Western Dressage (TOC) 60%+

Walk/Trot Level (Intro Level Test B) 60% +

Pre-Training Level (Training Level Test 1) 60% + 

Training Through Fourth Levels 60%+ at the highest test of the level

FEI 58% +

Tests to be ridden in each division: (You must ride both tests shown for your Championship Division at the Championship show)

Dressage Seat Equitation Division (Exception: Only required to ride 1 test)

Western Dressage Division (2 Tests of Choice)

Walk/Trot Division (Intro Tests A & B)

Pre-Training Division (Intro Test C & Training Test 1)

Training Level Division (Training Level Tests 2 & 3)

First Level Division (First Level Tests 2 & 3)

Second Level Division (Second Level Tests 2 & 3)

Third Level & Above Division (Tests 2 & 3 of the highest qualified level)
FEI Division (TOC)


Placings will be determined by the averaging of the 2 test scores ridden.  Exception: Dressage Seat Equitation and FEI

Horse/Rider Guidelines

  • A horse and rider qualify as a combination.   No substitutions of horse or rider will be allowed at the show.

  • Championships will follow the USEF Rule stating, “A horse may be ridden in no more than 3 classes per day".

  • A horse/rider combination may compete at only one level in the championships.

  • Champion horse/rider teams will be ineligible to compete at the same or lower levels in succeeding years. 

  • The LVDA Championship Classes will be conducted according to USEF rules with exceptions. 

    • Whips ARE allowed and tests MAY be read. 

  • Proper attire in accordance with USEF rules must be worn.   Turnout prize to be awarded by the judge. 

  • Ribbon Ceremony for the top 6 in each division - Prizes to Champion and Reserve

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