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Championship Show Competition
List of Qualified Riders 

Eligibility Rule

  • The LVDA Championships are open to LVDA members and non-members who have earned qualifying scores during the qualifying period. 

Qualifying Shows

  • Any LVDA hosted show in a given year including the USDF/LVDA Recognized Show


Qualifying scores

  • Dressage Seat Equitation 60%+

  • Western Dressage (TOC) 60%+

  • Walk/Trot Level (Intro Level Test B) 60% +

  • Pre-Training Level (Training Level Test 1) 60% + 

  • Training Through Fourth Levels 60%+ at the highest test of the level

  • FEI 58% +

  • The same qualifying scores apply for both the Youth and Adult riders.

Tests to be ridden in each division: (You must ride both tests shown for your Championship Division at the Championship show)

Dressage Seat Equitation Division (Exception: Only required to ride 1 test)

Western Dressage Division (2 Tests of Choice)

Walk/Trot Division (Intro Tests A & B)

Pre-Training Division (Intro Test C & Training Test 1)

Training Level Division (Training Level Tests 2 & 3)

First Level Division (First Level Tests 2 & 3)

Second Level Division (Second Level Tests 2 & 3)

Third Level & Above Division (Tests 2 & 3 of the highest qualified level)
FEI Division (TOC)


Placings will be determined by the averaging of the 2 test scores ridden.  Exception: Dressage Seat Equitation and FEI

Horse/Rider Guidelines

  • A horse and rider qualify as a combination.   No substitutions of horse or rider will be allowed at the show.

  • Championships will follow the USEF Rule stating, “A horse may be ridden in no more than 3 classes per day".

  • A horse/rider combination may compete at only one level in the championships.

  • Champion horse/rider teams will be ineligible to compete at the same or lower levels in succeeding years. 

  • The LVDA Championship Classes will be conducted according to USEF rules with exceptions. 

    • Whips ARE allowed and tests MAY be read. 

  • Proper attire in accordance with USEF rules must be worn.   Turnout prize to be awarded by the judge. 

  • Ribbon Ceremony for the top 6 in each division - Prizes to Champion and Reserve

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