LVDA Clinic Scholarship Program


Program Guidelines

Apply for a Clinic Scholarship today via:   
 LVDA Clinic Scholarship Application Form

Please review the qualifying criteria and award process carefully.


​The LVDA Clinic Scholarship program is a multiple scholarship program that will provide $50 scholarships for members to use to defray the costs of riding in an LVDA-sponsored clinic. A maximum of 10 $50 Clinic Scholarships will be granted each calendar year.  This does not include Fix-a-Tests, and these scholarships cannot be applied to anything other than a clinic entry fee. 


Clinic Scholarships can be applied towards these 2022 Clinics: 

Additional clinics TBD

LVDA members who meet the following qualifying criteria can apply for LVDA Clinic Scholarships:


  • Any current member in good standing (membership dues paid, no outstanding fees due) can apply for a clinic scholarship.


  • Members must have volunteered at least 4 hours of “hands-on activities” at an LVDA event within the past 12 months.


  • Eligible members can receive a clinic scholarship once per year.

Scholarship Award Process:


  • Clinic scholarships are "Clinic Specific." Clinic Scholarship applications will be accepted on the opening date for the specific clinic, and will close on the closing date for that clinic.


  • No late applications will be accepted.


  • The Scholarship Committee will decide how many scholarships are available for each clinic.


  • If there are more applicants than available scholarships for the clinic, the committee will randomly draw names.


  • Clinic scholarship recipients will be reimbursed $50.00 after they submit a short essay about their clinic experience (~3 paragraphs) to the Newsletter Editor.


  • If for some reason, a clinic scholarship recipient is unable to ride in that clinic and they provide a veterinarian/medical excuse, they will be guaranteed another clinic scholarship within 12 months.  Without a veterinarian/medical excuse, the recipient will forfeit their scholarship and receive no guarantee of another within 12 months.


If circumstances arise that are not covered by these guidelines, the Scholarship Committee will decide how to resolve any issues.  All decisions made by the Scholarship Committee are final.


Questions can be directed to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson, at


LVDA Scholarship Committee