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LVDA Clinics, Fix-A-Tests & Lectures

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Clinic with Lauren Annett

3 Dates

October 27 and/or November 16

at Greystone Equestrian Center

November 3 at Schocharie Ridge Farm

Manager: Jen Koch,


Opens: Sept 7, 2019

Closes: Nov 9, 2019

To sign up as an Auditor

Enter via Event Clinics 

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March 9     

2019 USDF Dressage Test: Fix-a-Test with Marilyn Payne

The Horse Park of New Jersey

February 23 & 24     

Clinic with Christine Deaner - USDF Certified Physiotherapist

Thunderhead Farm 

February 16, 2019

Winter Lecture with Cheryl Ash:  2019 USDF Dressage Test Changes

Christ Lutheran Church, Hellertown PA

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August 31 - Sep 1 

Clinic with Lauren Sprieser

Northridge Equestrian Center

June 29     

Fix-a-Test with Cheryl Ash

Stemmler Stein Equine

May 5     

Clinic with Alexa Derr
Hearts Journey Stables

April 6   

Cavaletti Clinic  

Presented by Samantha St. Jacques  

North Star Farm

End of events

Events Over

 March 31   

Clinic with Cara Klothe
Hidden Creek Equestrian Center 

March 20   

Winter Lecture 3 - Trailering Safety
Presented by Pete Smith of Cotner Trailers and Samara Jacobs of Brook Ledge Horse Transportation
Christ Lutheran Church, Hellertown PA


March 16   

Winter Lecture 2- Goal Setting for Dressage
Presented by Samantha St. Jacques  

North Star Farm

End of Events