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Educational Videos

The following LVDA Educational Events were video recorded and are now available for our members to view at their leisure. 
Additional videos may be added throughout the year.

LVDA Presents: Yoga for Dressage Riders
Instructor- Jennifer Shober

Private YouTube video

Jennifer Shober is a certified yoga teacher who has her own yoga studio in Andreas, PA.  She has owned horses and appreciates the balance, core strength, and flexibility required of riders, but especially of dressage riders.  Jennifer is a wonderful teacher.  This is a session she put together with dressage riders in mind, videotaped in the exercise room of LVDA member, Mo Swanson's home.  Enjoy it once, or enjoy it multiple times!

*Participant Review:

A great gentle, hip-opening yoga practice, ideal for beginners with great direction, modifications for new practitioners, and intention reminders. As someone who regularly practices yoga, but hasn’t been in a studio for a year, I found the guidance and intention very helpful.   E. Broadhurst

LVDA Virtual class with Ange Bean and Lauren Annett
This is a WebEx video session

Play Recording (1hr 20 mins.) 
Recording password:  yTA7BaKC

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