LVDA will be using Equestrian Entries ( as our method of receiving all 2021 show entries.  



These instructions will walk you through the process of creating a FREE user account with and entering the minimum required information into your account profile. You will need to complete these steps ONLY ONE TIME. And then, you would only have to update your user profile whenever your information changes in the future.

Disclaimer: These instructions are for entering LVDA Schooling Shows only. Licensed/Recognized shows have stricter show entry requirements which these instructions do not address.
Click here to go directly to Equestrian Entries website for full Licensed/Recognized show entry requirements -

Before you start, gather the following information and have it handy when you get to Step 2 and start filling out your FREE User Account profile.

  1. Rider contact information

  2. Rider emergency contact information

  3. Rider status (Amateur, JR/YR, Profession)

  4. LVDA Release Form (available at the bottom of this page).

  5. Rider LVDA membership number (if you are a LVDA member).

  6. Horse Name

  7. Horse owner contact information (if different from Rider).

  8. Trainer contact information (if different from Rider).

Definitions of Rider, Owner, Trainer, Coach

Rider  --  The person who will ride the horse in the show

Owner  --  The owner of the horse that will be ridden in the show

Trainer  --  The person over age 18 who will be responsible for the horse while it is on the show grounds.

A Trainer is required for each entry. The rider can be rider/owner/trainer as long as the rider is over 18. For Jr/YR’s, the Trainer is commonly the rider’s parent, the horse owner, or the rider’s riding instructor, etc.


Coach  --  A person that is paid to teach/help/coach the rider at the show. A coach is not required.

STEP 1: CREATE AN ACCOUNT (It’s free to join.)

  1. Go to And click on the “Join Now” link.

  2. Enter a Username, a Password (enter the Password twice to confirm it), and your Email address.

  3. Select the option to create an “Entrant” Account. Then, click on “Register”.

  4. You will receive an email with the subject “[] Account activation info”. If you don’t see it in your email inbox, check your spam or junk mail folder.

  5. Open the email and follow the instructions in the email. It will ask you to visit a web page where you will activate your account.

  6. To activate your account, you will be asked to enter your contact information and agree to the “Terms and Conditions”

  7. Enter your contact information.

  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions by typing in “I Agree” (without quotation marks) and enter the date exactly as shown. And then press “Continue”.



Go to, log in with your username and password. The first screen is the home screen with 8 tabs across the top.


Enter Rider Information

  1. Click on the “Riders” tab, and then click “New Rider”.

  2. You’ll be asked if the new rider is already in their system. Let’s assume the answer is “no” and select “No, Lets Register a Brand New Person”.

  3. You will be asked if the rider is also the trainer, coach, or horse owner, and what type of shows the rider will be entering. Let’s assume the rider is (click on each) the owner and the trainer and competes in Dressage then, press "Next”.

  4. You will be asked if the rider has a USEF Number they can use to look up the rider’s contact information. A USEF number is not required for LVDA schooling shows. Let’s assume the rider does not have a USEF number and click on “No thanks, I’ll Enter the Information Myself”.

  5. On this screen enter the rider’s contact information in the “User Info” section and emergency contact information in the “Emergency Info” section. Both of these are required.

  6. In the “Membership Info” section, select your rider status for Amateur, Jr/YR, or Professional.

  7. In the Local/FEI Dressage Memberships section, if you are not an LVDA member, leave this section blank. If you are an LVDA member, select the “Select FEI or GMO” menu, then scroll down until you see the GMOs in PA, and select  "Lehigh Valley Dressage Association”. Then, enter your LVDA membership number in the box next to it. You must select LVDA as your GMO and enter your LVDA membership number, otherwise, you will be charged a $10 non-member fee when you enter a schooling show.

  8. Then, click on “Ok”.

Enter owner information

  1. Repeat #1 (but click on the “Owners” tab) through #5 to enter the horse owner information. If the rider is also the owner, you will not have to re-enter the rider’s information.


Enter trainer information

  1. Repeat #1 (but click on the “Trainers” tab) through #5 to enter trainer information. If the rider is also the trainer, you will not have to re-enter the rider’s information.

Enter horse information

  1. Click on the “Horses” tab, and then click “New Horse”.

  2. You will be asked to first assign an owner for this horse. Select the horse owner from the pulldown menu and then click on “Yes, Let’s Use This Owner”.

  3. Then, on the “New Horses” screen, enter the horse information and click on “Ok”. For LVDA Schooling Shows, only the horse’s name is required.