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LVDA COVID-19 Protocols
Based on USEF Guidelines - The document is being updated. 
Protocols may vary dependent upon show facility protocols.

COVID-19 Protocol - Competitor Focused


  •  All entries and payment must be submitted online

    • Payments can be processed through the online entry form or via an emailed PayPal Invoice.

    • Coggins tests should be emailed to if not uploaded with the entry form.

    • All entries MUST contain Trainer’s name and Support Person’s name if they will be on the show grounds. No additional people will be permitted on the grounds.

  • Competitors are responsible for self-monitoring their health for 14-days leading up to the show date.  If they come into contact with any COVID+ persons or suspected COVID+ persons or if they exhibit any symptoms, they may not appear at the showgrounds. 

  • The schedule will be assigned based on the trainer group to limit contact between parties.

  • Competitors will be responsible for providing/making their own number - homemade numbers are fine! The specific number will be assigned to you by the show secretary and will be listed on the rider schedule.

Show Day

  • All competitors, volunteers, officials, etc. must take their temperature, only reporting to the show if it is below 99.5F.

  • LVDA and USEF Liability Waivers
    All parties must sign the LVDA and USEF liability waivers before they will be allowed to enter the show grounds.  Please bring your own pen or an already signed waiver to limit contact points. 

  • Numbers
    Competitors will be responsible for providing their own number - homemade numbers are fine!

  • Parking
    Trailers should be parked in the marked spots only.  If you have come as a group, you may move between trailers.  If you have not come as a group, do not approach other trailers or cars.

  • Masks - Those who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks. If you are not vaccinated, please wear your mask except when mounted and remain socially distanced. EVERYONE regardless of vaccination status, should bring a mask and wear it when entering the secretary's stand. It seems the end is near for these protocols, your cooperation over the past year has been much appreciated!

  • Warm-up Ring
    Please make sure you are spacing yourselves out appropriately.  This includes trainers as well as support people. 

    • Trainers may enter the ring to encourage students to use the whole ring instead of staying by the gate.  We will use the PA system to make announcements of who is on deck if necessary. 

    • Note: Future shows may require a restriction on how many people may be in the warm-up at once. 

  • Scoring and Receipt of Tests

    • Upon completion of your tests please load your horse and leave as quickly as possible to limit the number of people on the grounds.  Unless you have trailered with someone you should not be waiting for others to ride or spectating. 

    • We will employ live scoring via Fox Village so that you can see your scores and placings throughout the day.

    • Tests will be photographed and a picture sent to the email on file throughout the day.

    • Ribbons and tests will be mailed or dropped off to the trainer in the week following the show.


COVID-19 Protocol - Management Focused



  • Email anyone who has not completed the entry, paid, and sent Coggins by Thursday so all items can be complete.

  • The schedule should be run in groups by trainer.  Individuals without a specified trainer should be interspersed between groups as much as possible.

  • Email USEF & LVDA Liability Waivers with the rider schedule and instructions for specific show grounds.

  • Show set up to done by a minimal number of volunteers and will need to include hanging up multiple COVID-19 warning signs as well as marking designated parking spaces and spacing in possible high traffic areas (show office, warm-up, etc.).

  • Determine the judge/scribe relationship and what methods will be used to ensure their safety.

    • BCHP is installing shower curtains in the judge's booths to act as a barrier between scribe and judge.  The scorer is responsible for taking tests from the judge(s).  Hand sanitizer/gloves should be available for all three parties.

    • Facilities without a judges booth shall use multiple tents.


Show Day

  • Ensure signs and barriers are in place as necessary.

    • Entrance Sign:
      Collection of signed LVDA & USEF Liability Waivers.

    • Parking Area Markings
      Placement of temporary fencing posts/stakes the day before or the morning of.  Trailers should have a minimum of 20’ on all sides. (Each trailer then has a 10’ bubble)

    • COVID-19 Signs:
      Multiple COVID-19 social distancing reminder signs strategically placed

  • Show Office

    • ​Set up a hotspot and switch Fox Village to live scoring. 

    • Wipe down computer and printer prior to the scorer arriving.

    •  Only the scorer and secretary permitted inside. 

  • Volunteers:

    • Hand sanitizer and gloves available.  Volunteers must be masked when within six feet of anyone.​

    • Show entrance (2 volunteers) 

      • One with entry list to check off riders as they arrive, One responsible for collecting the signed USEF & LVDA Liability Waivers.  Waivers must be collected from everyone entering the grounds, not just riders.

      • **BCHP - Trailers and cars will be stopped in the lower lot and USEF & LVDA releases collected

    • Parking should be pre-marked.  If there is an extra volunteer they can observe the parking area.​

    • Ring Steward is responsible for identifying riders coming into the warm-up and sending them to the ring. 

  • Communication:

    • Walkie-Talkies will be given to entrance, secretary, ring steward, and judge to communicate missing riders. 

    • Cee Coach unit to be available for use by judge and scribe if desired.

  • Handling of Dressage Tests:

    • The dressage tests will be collected from the judge by the scorer and held in the show office. 

    • Following the completion of all tests, classes will be placed and tests and ribbons will be compiled by trainer for drop off the following week.

      • The scorer or secretary will take pictures of tests and send them to the email on file for the rider as time permits.

  • Secretary is responsible for double-checking all classes have been combined appropriately and the final results have been uploaded to Fox Village by the end of the show.

  • Bottled water and pre-packaged granola bars/crackers will be available for volunteers/judges and emergencies in the show office.  

  • Anyone not adhering to the protocols will receive a verbal warning from the secretary and if concerns continue will be asked to leave the showgrounds.

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