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LVDA Year-End Awards Program


Year-End Level Awards


LVDA Achievement Ribbons


LVDA Rider Achievement Awards


Dressage Seat Equitation Medals

Amy Mende Volunteer of the Year


LVDA Special Recognition Awards

LVDA Year-End Level Awards
 Adult Amateur, Youth, and Open Divisions,

Schooling and Recognized Show Scores Combined

LVDA is changing which shows are used for qualifying scores. Previously, LVDA offered separate Schooling Show Awards and Recognized Show Awards. 


Starting in 2023, LVDA members may use all Schooling Show scores, all Recognized Show scores, or a combination of Schooling and Recognized Shows for Year-End Awards. Please note, the median of scores submitted will be used to determine placings. 


Recognition will be offered at the following levels:

  • Intro Walk/Trot - Intro A and/or B score (Open Riders not eligible)

  • Pre-Training - Intro C and/or Training 1 scores (Open Riders not eligible)

  • Training Level through Fourth Level

  • FEI (to include Prix St. Georges, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Grand Prix)

  • ​Western Dressage

  • Leadline Dressage

  • Musical Freestyle

What follows is a checklist for each award level highlighting requirements including how many scores need to be submitted and whether there is a requirement to attend an LVDA hosted show.


  • Scores for 2023 must be received between Oct 3, 2022 and Sept 30, 2023

  • Must be a current member of LVDA in good standing when scores are earned 

  • Must have 8 volunteer hours for each award (See Volunteering for more information)

  • Scores must come from at least three different shows and three different judges, “L” or above (please see chart below for further detail based on level). Please note: Leadline Division is exempt from "L" judge requirement

  • If submitting scores from non-LVDA schooling shows, you must submit a copy of the front of the test sheet including the judge's signature as well as the score for it to be counted

  • If submitting scores from Recognized Shows, you must submit a copy of the USDF Score Report (Rider Score Check)

  • Musical Freestyle scores will only count for the Musical Freestyle YEA

  • A horse/rider combination may only be Champion once at First Level and below or twice at Second Level and above. 





















You can review the documentation requirements on the Year End Awards Documentation webpage

Printable version of the matrix: LVDA Year-End Award Matrix

LVDA Achievement Ribbons

There are two ways of receiving an LVDA Achievement Ribbon Award:

  • An LVDA member can apply for an Achievement Ribbon Award if he or she does not have enough qualifying scores to apply for a Year-End Award.

  • An LVDA member will automatically receive an Achievement Ribbon if he or she has applied for a Year-End Schooling Show Award and does not place for that award.

If an LVDA member has received a Year-End Award for a specific level, he or she is no longer eligible to apply for an Achievement Award at that level with the same horse.

Achievement Ribbon Requirements:

Submit one (1) score from any LVDA hosted show:

  • Intro A/B, Pre-Training, Training through Second Level - minimum score of 60%.

  • Third Level and Above - minimum score of 58%.

LVDA Rider Achievement Awards

Scores must be obtained within the past 5 years

  • Bronze Medal: six (6) scores at Training Level.

  • Silver Medal: three (3) scores at First Level and three (3) scores at Second Level.

  • Gold Medal: three (3) scores at Third Level and three (3) scores at Fourth Level.

Qualifying Requirements:

  • To be eligible, submit a copy of the front of six (6) tests from LVDA-hosted events each with a minimum score of 60%.

  • The rider can receive scores for this award on more than one horse; however, a rider may only earn one medal at each level.



Dressage Seat Equitation Medals

Youth and Adult Amateur Divisions

Qualifying Requirements:

  • Scores must be accrued from 2023 forward

  • Submit 5 scores at each level: 

    • Elementary - 65%​

    • Accomplished - 70%

    • Elite - 75%



Amy Mende Volunteer of The Year Award

The Amy Mende Volunteer of The Year Award is presented to an LVDA member who has volunteered his or her time throughout the current calendar year.  It is presented and named in honor of Amy Mende who was a tireless volunteer and beloved member of the LVDA.

The recipient of this award is selected by the Awards Committee although nominations are accepted from the membership.

LVDA Special Recognition Awards

This award may be given to an individual (non-LVDA member or LVDA member) or a group who has made major contributions to the LVDA for the current calendar year.

  • Current members may nominate individuals or groups for this award.

  • Recipients of this award are selected by the Awards Committee.

  • The Awards Committee may elect to award multiple Recognition Awards in any given year.

Send any questions you may have about any of the Qualifying Requirements to:

LVDA Year-End Awards
LVDA Achievement Ribbon
Dressage Seat Equitation Medal
LVDA Rider Achievement Award
Amy Mende Volunteer of the Year
LVDA Special Recognition Awards
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