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Riding & Education Scholarship Program

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Riding & Education Scholarship Application Form

Program Guidelines


The Riding & Education Scholarship Program provides funding for awarding two (2) scholarships once a year.   


The program has two scholarship categories in which the scholarships can be awarded:


  • Riding


  • Education


Members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the sport of dressage, as well as providing support for the LVDA through volunteering are encouraged to apply. 


The deadline for the receipt of applications is March 31.


Applicants must be LVDA members for a minimum of 2 consecutive years prior to the year in which the scholarship is applied for and members in good standing (current calendar year dues paid). 


To request funding, LVDA members may apply under either the Riding or Education category. 


Scholarships must be used to participate in programs that include (but are not limited to): seminars, workshops, clinics, training programs, instructor certification programs, USDF symposiums/conventions, riding camp, or a show of regional or national competition. 


Programs for which the funding is requested must have a stated objective, must be for the specific purpose of advancing the member’s skills/education or individual's standing in the dressage community, and must have clear beginning and end dates. 


Process details:

  1. Scholarships are awarded once a year and will be announced by mid-May.

    • To be fair to all applicants, late and/or incomplete applications will not​ be considered for that year’s scholarships.   An application is considered late if an application is not received​ by March 31. 

    • Completed Scholarship applications received after March 31st will be held for consideration in the following year.

  2. Scholarships are not to be awarded to the same applicant for 2 consecutive years in the same category. 

    • For example, a Riding Scholarship winner may apply the next year for an Education Scholarship.

  3. Completed applications must be accompanied by two written recommendations.   The recommendations can be personal recommendations or from those who can attest to your riding, teaching, and/or training abilities.   Please see the Scholarship application for information to be included in the written recommendations. 

  4. The Scholarship Committee will consist of 3-7 members.   They will review all applications and allocate scholarships depending upon the availability of funds, qualifications of applicants, etc. 

  5. The Committee screens each application with a uniform set of criteria, eliminating the possibility of subjective selection or favoritism.   While the criteria are slightly different for each category, they generally include such benchmarks as; length of LVDA Membership, volunteer history, other scholarships received, previous awards & recognition, the goal of program, competition & riding history, the benefit to LVDA's membership, timeliness of goals, credibility and reputation, ambassadorship and effect on professional contribution/educational purpose. Scholarship Committee members may apply; however, they will be excluded from the voting process. 

  6. The current maximum ​suggested allotments for Scholarships per applicant are as follows:

    • EDUCATION / $250.00

    • RIDING / $250.00. 

  7. It is hoped that in any given year, a mixture of Riding and Education Scholarship applications would be received and awarded, though there may be years when this may not be possible due to lack of qualified applicants or the lack of funds. There may be occasions when the LVDA Board has sufficient funds to grant more than 2 scholarships per year.

  8. All decisions made by the Scholarship Committee are final. ​ The Scholarship Chairman will notify all applicants of the outcome. Those who have been awarded scholarships are mailed a "Letter of Acceptance" that is a simple contract between the member and LVDA that outlines where, when, and how the money will be used, as well as, what the applicant is willing to do for LVDA in return. Some ways that members can give back for their scholarship assistance are giving clinics, judging, writing an article for the LVDA newsletter, or organizing a clinic or a fundraising event for Scholarships. The Letter of Agreement also instructs the recipient to provide receipts to the Treasurer for all of his/her expenses associated with the scholarship. It also explains that if for some reason the recipient does not complete the program for which the award was made within 1 year, any unused portion of the funds must be returned. However, If for some reason (horse/rider injury, etc.) the member will not be able to use this scholarship in the year awarded, the member must inform the Scholarship Chairman to obtain permission to roll the scholarship into the next calendar year. 

  9. Scholarship recipients are expected to be members of the Scholarship Committee for the year in which they are awarded a scholarship. 

Please submit the completed Riding & Education Scholarship Application Form, with the required Written Recommendations uploaded into the form by March 31. 

Send any questions about the program or form to


Thank you for your interest in the LVDA Scholarships!

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