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Riding & Education Scholarship Program

The LVDA Scholarship Program provides two $250 scholarships once a year for either Riding or Education to LVDA members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the sport of dressage, as well as providing support to the LVDA through volunteering (a minimum of 16 hours over a two-year period is required).

Applicants must be LVDA members for a minimum of 2 consecutive years prior to the year in which the scholarship is applied for and members in good standing (current calendar year dues paid).


Scholarships must be used to participate in programs that include (but are not limited to): seminars, workshops, clinics, training programs, instructor certification programs, USDF symposiums/conventions, riding camp, or a regional or national show. 


Programs for which the funding is requested must have a stated objective, must be for the specific purpose of advancing the member’s skills/education or individual's standing in the dressage community, and must have clear beginning and end dates. 


Applicants may apply under either the Riding or Education category.  

The deadline for the receipt of applications is April 30.


  1. ​Submit the completed Riding & Education Scholarship Application Form by April 30th.  

  2. Scholarships are awarded once a year and will be announced by June 1st.

    • Incomplete applications will not​ be considered.  

    • Completed Scholarship applications received after April 30th will be held for consideration the following year.

  3. Scholarships are not to be awarded to the same applicant for 2 consecutive years in the same category. 

  4. Completed applications must be accompanied by two written recommendations.   The recommendations can be personal recommendations or from those who can attest to your riding, teaching, and/or training abilities.   

    • Please see the Scholarship application for information to be included in the written recommendations.

  5. The Scholarship Committee will review all applications using criteria including: volunteer history, other scholarships received, previous awards & recognition, the program goal, competition & riding history, the benefit to LVDA's membership, timeliness of goals, credibility and reputation, ambassadorship and effect on professional contribution/educational purpose. 

  6. Scholarship Committee members may apply; however, they will be excluded from the voting process. 

  7. The amount of each scholarship shall be a maximum of $250 per award.

  8. Some ways that members can give back for their scholarship assistance include giving a clinic, doing a presentation about their scholarship experience, or writing an article for the LVDA newsletter. 

  9. Scholarship recipients are expected to be members of the Scholarship Committee for the year in which they are awarded a scholarship. 

  10. Recipients are required to provide receipts to the Treasurer for all expenses associated with the scholarship. 

  11. If the recipient does not complete the program for which the award was made within 1 year, any unused portion of the funds must be returned. Exceptions may be made in the event of horse/rider injury, but requests for timing changes must be made through and approved by the Scholarship Committee.

                                     Send any questions about the program or form to

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