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We Need You!

The LVDA depends upon volunteers to successfully run our events.  

Please consider volunteering so we can continue to offer shows, clinics, and other educational events.


Each volunteer will receive a set amount of volunteer hours for each volunteer activity, which can be used to apply for LVDA Year-End Awards.  See our LVDA Year-End Award Programs page for award requirements.


Volunteers can even help another member achieve their goal of receiving a Year End Award by transferring volunteer hours!  (see Transfer Volunteer Hours and Awarding & Recording of Volunteer Hours sections below).


If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity during our 2020 season go to our "Show/Event Contacts" page to locate the manager information for each event.


There are two main categories of volunteer opportunities:   Physical/Hands-On Activities and Supporting Activities. 

Please review the list of current volunteer opportunities for each category below.

Physical/Hands-On Activities
(volunteer hours are shown in parenthesis)


  • Show Secretary or Show Manager (16 hrs/per event)

  • Event Set Up and/or Tear Down (Hours worked)

  • Scribe (Hours worked)

  • Runner (Hours worked)

  • Scorer (Hours worked)

  • Ring or Warm-Up Steward (Hours worked)

  • Concessions Stand Attendant (Hours worked)

  • Floater (Hours worked)

  • Silent Auction Tables (Hours worked) 

Supporting Activities 
(volunteer hours are shown in parenthesis)


  • Volunteer at an NPASS event (receive half of the hrs worked at NPASS event)

  • Board Member service (24 hrs/yr)

  • Committee service (8 hrs/yr)

  • Show or Clinic Host (8 hrs if not paid)

  • Host a meeting/lecture (4 hrs if not paid)

  • Organize a Fund Raiser (4 hrs)

  • Submit a Newsletter Article (1 hr)

  • Solicit and obtain a Premier Diamond Sponsor (12 hrs)

  • Solicit and obtain a Diamond or Platinum Sponsor (8 hrs)  

  • Solicit and obtain a Gold Sponsor (8 hrs)  

  • Solicit and obtain a Silver Sponsor  (4 hrs)  

  • Solicit and obtain a Bronze Sponsor (2 hrs)  

  • Transferred Volunteer Hours 

Transfer of Volunteer Hours

  • An LVDA member may accept up to a maximum of 8 transferred Supporting Activities volunteer hours.


  • An LVDA member may transfer hours to multiple LVDA members.

    • Limited to a maximum of 8 volunteer hours transferred to each individual per calendar year.




  • If a member only has 4 Physical/Hands-on Activities hours they can still apply for a Year End Award using transferred Supporting Activities hours, which would give them the required 8 hrs for an award (4 personal Physical/Hands-on Activities 
    and 4 transferred Supporting Activities).​


  • If a member has 8 Physical/Hands-on Activities hours and wants to apply for 2 awards, they can use up to 8 Supporting Activities hours transferred to them by other LVDA member(s) to equal the required 8 hrs for each award (4 personal Physical/Hands-on Activities and 4 transferred Supporting Activities for each award)  


Transfer Volunteer Hours via: Volunteer Hours Transfer Form   


Awarding of Volunteer Hours


  • Physical/Hands-On volunteer hours are awarded to LVDA Members after each LVDA event through a report submitted by the Show/Event Manager


  • Supporting Activities volunteer hours are awarded to LVDA Members after they are reported by the LVDA Supporting Activities manager/coordinator


Recording of Volunteer Hours


  • All Volunteer hours (LVDA Physical/Hands-On & Supporting, LVDA Transferred, NPASS Supporting), are recorded on a LVDA Data Collection spreadsheet. The Accumulated Volunteer Hours web page is updated shortly after each event.

    • Upon receipt of the Volunteer Hours Transfer Form the availability of the requested hours to be transferred will be verified and recorded under the recipient's name as Transferred Supporting Activities hours.


  • Special Requirements:

    • NPASS Supporting Activities hours require an email to be submitted by the NPASS show manager or secretary to, stating the total amount of volunteer hours worked.  

      • Half of the NPASS Total hours worked will be awarded and recorded as LVDA Supporting Activities Hours on the LVDA Data Collection spreadsheet.

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