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Year-End Awards Documentation Requirements


Please review all of the qualification requirements HERE


1. Compile copies of the front of your test sheets (including the name of show, date, judge, test, score, etc.)   

Note: These sheets may be requested by LVDA if our records do not match the data indicated on the application form.

  • If you are using scores received from Non-LVDA Schooling shows you MUST upload copies of the front page of those test sheets using the "File Upload" link located on each application form. 

  • If you are applying for a Recognized show award you MUST upload a copy of your USDF Score Report using the "File Upload" link located on the application form.  You can access your USDF Score Report at

2. Riders must be current LVDA members (dues paid) at the time the scores are obtained. Scores received prior to membership WILL NOT be counted. The awards committee must be able to physically verify receipt of membership application and dues paid to verify the official membership date.


3. Review the Accumulated Volunteer Hours web page data for accuracy. This listing will be used to verify that you have the required number of hours for the award(s) you are applying for.  If you believe there are volunteer hours missing let us know at

  • Eight (8) volunteer hours are required to apply for each Year End Award (including 4 Physical/Hands-On hours).   


  • See the information below regarding Volunteer Hours.

4. Complete the appropriate Year-End Award Application Form for the specific award you are applying for.  Each award category has its own form.  You can access all of the forms on the Year-End Awards Application Forms web page.  You may apply for multiple awards by submitting the appropriate award application form for each award, provided you meet the volunteer hour requirements.


5. Send any required documentation listed above by uploading the documents using the File Upload option located on each Award Application form.  


Completed applications must be submitted by the deadline date of October 16.

The electronic date and time stamp created by the online form upon submission will be used to verify the date the application

was officially received.

Volunteer Hour Requirements for Year-End Awards

  • Volunteer hours must be earned within the current calendar year

  • There are two methods of obtaining volunteer hours: Physical/Hands-On Activities and Supporting Activities.

      • See the Volunteering web page for more information on the type and number of hours received for various activities


  • Eight (8) volunteer hours are required to apply for each Year-End Award.  

    • At least four (4) of the eight (8) hours required for each award must be from Physical/Hands-On Activities at LVDA events.

    • The other four (4) hours for each award may be from Supporting Activities and can be from volunteer hours transferred to you.


  • Transfer of Volunteer Hours ​


  • An LVDA member may accept a maximum of 8 transferred volunteer hours


  • Transferred volunteer hours count as Supporting Activities hours.


  • Transferred hours may be applied as in the following examples:

  • If a member only has 4 Physical Activities hours they can still apply for a Year-End award using transferred hours, which would give them the required 8 hrs for an award (4 personal Physical/Hands-on Activities hours and 4 transferred Supporting Activities hours)

  • If a member has 8 Physical/Hands-on Activities hours and wants to apply for 2 Year-End awards, they can use up to 8 Supporting Activities hours transferred to them by other LVDA member(s) to equal the required 8 hrs for each award (4 personal Physical/Hands-on Activities and 4 transferred Supporting Activities for each award)  


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