Youth Scholarship Fund

The LVDA Youth Development Program is proud to announce a new program for 2019 which will allow youth members to “Build Your Own” Youth Scholarship. Funds may be used for dressage opportunities of your choosing (clinics, show fees, team competitions, etc).


Earn credits by:

  • Obtaining Youth Program Sponsors

  • Securing items for the annual online auction

  • Participating in fundraising sales

  • Holding your own bake sale/food stand at your chosen location

  • Volunteering at LVDA events


Credits may be earned beginning Nov. 1, 2018 through Dec. 31, 2019. Funds may be dispersed at any time throughout the year by completing a simple form. All credits earned in a calendar year must be used by December of the following year.


Questions may be directed to Jennifer Koch (



How can credits be earned?

  1. Sponsorship - A youth member can solicit a sponsorship and would receive 30% back in their fund. Example - Solicit a Platinum Sponsor ($200), receive $60 in credits.

  2. Securing items for the online auction - receive a 10% credit for securing items (up to a $20 maximum per item) and an additional 20% percent of the final selling amount. Example - Secure a $50 item, receive a $5 credit. That item sells for $40, receive 20% ($8) back in credit for a total of $13 credit for that item.

  3. LVDA Fundraisers - Participate in fundraising. Example - Selling mums. Total profit is $2.75 per plant. Offer $1.25 in credit for each plant sold. Any fundraiser would have a pre-determined amount that would go into their scholarship fund.

  4. Hold your own fundraiser - Organize a fundraiser for LVDA and receive 50% of funds received in credit. Example - Sell hot dogs and baked goods at Tractor Supply - sales total $100, earn $50 in credit for scholarship fund.

  5. Volunteering - Youth members can earn credits for volunteer hours. Hours may NOT be used for year end awards AND credits and may ONLY be earned at LVDA events. Credits will be earned at a rate of $3 per hour. There are a limited number of available hours at each event and hours may not be donated, they must be worked by the youth member.

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