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Youth Scholarship Fund

“Build Your Own” Youth Scholarship 
Funds may be used for dressage opportunities of your choosing (clinics, show fees, team competitions, etc).


Earn credits by:

  • Obtaining Youth Program Sponsors

  • Securing items for the annual online auction

  • Participating in fundraising sales

  • Holding your own bake sale/food stand at your chosen location

  • Volunteering at LVDA events


Credits may be earned throughout the year.  Funds may be dispersed at any time throughout the year by completing a simple form. All credits earned in a calendar year must be used by December of the following year.


Questions may be directed to Bethany Lewis.



How can credits be earned?

  1. Sponsorship - A youth member can solicit sponsorship and would receive 30% back in their fund. Example - Solicit a Platinum Sponsor ($200), receive $60 in credits.

  2. Securing items for the online auction - receive a 10% credit for securing items (up to a $20 maximum per item) and an additional 20% percent of the final selling amount. Example - Secure a $50 item, receive a $5 credit. That item sells for $40, receive 20% ($8) back in credit for a total of $13 credit for that item.

  3. LVDA Fundraisers - Participate in fundraising. Example - Selling mums. Total profit is $2.75 per plant. Offer $1.25 in credit for each plant sold. Any fundraiser would have a pre-determined amount that would go into their scholarship fund.

  4. Hold your own fundraiser - Organize a fundraiser for LVDA and receive 50% of funds received in credit. Example - Sell hot dogs and baked goods at Tractor Supply - sales total $100, earn $50 in credit for the scholarship fund.

  5. Volunteering - Youth members can earn credits for volunteer hours. Hours may NOT be used for year-end awards AND credits and may ONLY be earned at LVDA events. Credits will be earned at a rate of $3 per hour. There are a limited number of available hours at each event and hours may not be donated, they must be worked by the youth member.

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