LVDA Gives Back

In 2020 and 2021 the pandemic gave greater clarity to the divide between those who could financially weather disaster and those who struggled. The LVDA Board recognized that we had an opportunity to make a difference in our community by offering our members a small way to give back. 

Beginning in 2021, LVDA made it a priority to give back to our local communities by raising money and accepting in-kind donations at our horse shows for local charities. Funds were raised by raffling off a donated basket. Baskets were put together by the board or by a a group of members (generally a barn/trainer group). Funds were disbursed to local charities that support both human and animal welfare. 

In 2024, we're moving away from basket raffles and thinking bigger picture in terms of the community around us. LVDA partnered with ESDCTA and Equi-Librium therapeutic riding in February to host the Equestrian Athlete Clinic. Raising $1500 for Equi-Librium, the program was both a success from the stand point of an educational afternoon, but also as a fundraiser for an important Equine therapy program in the Lehigh Valley. 

LVDA Banquet February 2022 Allentown Men's Shelter $210

D4K May 2022 Work To Ride $356

Thunderhead May 2022 Second Harvest $320

Heart's Journey June 2022 Pocono Wildlife Rehab $250

BCHP Schooling July 2022 Safe Haven TB Rescue $170

BCHP Rec Show Aug 2022 Last Chance Ranch $141

Hidden Creek Sept 2022 Equi-librium $214

Championship Oct 2022 LV Special Olympics $327

Banquet Dec 2022 Haafsville and Second Harvest $557

Symposium April 2023 Veteran's Brotherhood and Kindness Project $550

Thunderhead May 2023 Last Chance Ranch $298

Heart's Journey June 2023 Pocono Wildlife Rehab and Ed Center $161

BCHP Rec Show Aug 2023 Safe Harbor Easton $179

Hidden Creek July 2024 Work to Ride $316

Championship Sept 2023 Allentown Rescue Mission $115

Equestrian Athlete Clinic Feb 2024 Equi-Librium $1,500

    May 2024       Buck's County Horse Park       $200

Total raised to-date: $6,364

Header Photo Credit: 

Riley Schreiber and Spotlight Chic and Rylan Kresge and Wild Houston
PC: Denise Schreiber