2024 Volunteer Requirements

LVDA, We Heard You!

It's hard enough to carve out the time to volunteer, but connecting with show managers and scheduling should just be ... easier. And now it is! 

Sign-Up Genius

We're going to be using Sign-Up Genius to recruit Volunteers for our Schooling Shows and other available volunteer jobs.  Sign-Up Genius lets you pick when you volunteer, how many hours, and what job you'd like to do. Instantly! We'll be posting Sign-Up Genius links on our Facebook page and Centerline News.

Wait, We Need Different Kinds of Hours? 

Not any more! No more "hands-on" hours requirement: all Volunteer Hours are created equal. Are you serving on a Committee? Or doing data entry for our Awards Committee, or maybe working on the website? Can you powerwash our filthy dressage ring (power-washer provided!) or help us sort through and re-sell donations? All of those hours will count toward your Year-End Award Volunteer hours. 

And we'll make it as easy as possible by listing those jobs on Sign-Up Genius. Sign-Up Genius lets you pick when you volunteer, how many hours, and what job you'd like to do. Instantly! 

Volunteer hours are recorded "live" on our website, so it will be easy to keep track throughout the show season. 

Keep an eye out for Centerline News in your email box and watch our FaceBook page! Sign-Up Genius will be available as we have volunteer jobs that need to be filled! 


Show Secretary or Show Manager (Skills required: 16 hrs/per event, unless paid)

Clinic Organizer (8 hours)

Event Set Up and/or Tear Down (hours worked)

Scribe (Experience preferred: hours worked)

Runner (Age 6 and up, seriously: hours worked)

Scorer (Indoor job: hours worked)

Ring or Warm-Up Steward (Outdoor job: hours worked)

Floater (hours worked)

EMS Volunteer (Skills required: hours worked)

Volunteer at an NPASS event (receive half of the hours worked at NPASS event)

Data Entry (Volunteer from home! hours worked)

Board Member service (24 hrs/yr)

Committee service (hours worked)

Show or Clinic Host (8 hrs if not paid)

Host a meeting/lecture (4 hrs if not paid)

Organize a Fund Raiser (4 hrs)

Submit a Newsletter Article (1 hr) 

Solicit and obtain a Diampnd Sponsor (8 hrs)  

Solicit and obtain a Platinum Sponsor (4 hrs)  

Solicit and obtain a Gold Sponsor (2 hrs)  

Kathy Norton and Encanto of Wildfire

PC: Rustic Road Photography

How We're Making Volunteering Easier

Gem Dandee

PC: Annamaria Kennedy 

Lauren Anderson and "Habbs" 

PC: Lost in Thought Photography