Year-End Awards


2024 LVDA Schooling Show Series Year-End Awards

We heard you, LVDA Members, Year-End Awards have gotten complicated 

So, we're trying something completely new this year:  

2024 LVDA Schooling Show Series Year-End Awards


LVDA Schooling Dressage Show Series: it's this simple

School Horse Division

Additionally, if you ride a School Horse (must be used in lessons and no more than a half-lease to rider), we now have a separate division for you, requiring only two LVDA schooling shows and no "highest test" requirement. The School Horse Awards also have no application process: scores and placings will be automatically calculated on our Year-End Award spreadsheet.  

USDF Recognized Show Division

USDF Recognized Show riders can compete for Year-End Awards in the USDF Division: those riders will need to apply for awards by sending in a copy of their USDF Show Record (details below). 

Achievement Awards and Dressage Seat Equitation Medals

Achievement Awards, Rider Achievement Awards, and Dressage Seat Equitation Medals have minor modifications to their qualifications, please see below.

Please note: once a horse and rider pair have been awarded a YEA Champion they are no longer eligible for YEA at that level. 

Questions? Please direct them to Chris Dickenson, thank you!

2024 Schooling Show Series:

Riders are required to be members prior to first show

School Horse Rider Schooling Show Award

2024 USDF Recognized Show Rider Awards

LVDA Members who show at Recognized Shows may apply for LVDA YEA as follows: 

2024 LVDA Achievement Ribbons

There are two ways of receiving an LVDA Achievement Ribbon Award:

If an LVDA member has received a Year-End Award for a specific level, they are no longer eligible to apply for an Achievement Award at that level with the same horse.

Achievement Ribbon Requirements if you need to apply: 

Submit one (1) score from any LVDA hosted show:

2024 LVDA Rider Achievement Awards

Scores must be obtained within the past 5 years: 

To be eligible, submit a copy of the front of 6 tests from LVDA hosted events, each with the minimum score of 60%. Riders may receive scores on more than one horse, however, each rider may qualify for the award only once. 

Application deadline: Sunday, October 20, 2024

Dressage Seat Equitation Medals: for both Youth and Adult Amateurs

Qualifying Requirements: 

To be eligible, submit three scores from LVDA hosted events. 

Application deadline: Sunday, October 20, 2024

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2023 Year-End Awards Banquet, Jennifer Peters