LVDA Membership Types and Benefits

LVDA offers three types of membership:

LVDA Membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st each year. 

New memberships and membership renewals for the upcoming year are accepted as early as the end of October and are processed in the order they are received.  Renewing your membership early will avoid the last-minute rush and prevent any lapse in your membership benefits. 

​When you use the online form you will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your form and receive a welcome email within a few weeks.  For convenience, your LVDA numbers is the same as your USDF number.

LVDA members are automatically registered for USDF Group Membership

$24 of each primary membership (Adult, Youth, Primary Family member) and $10 of each additional family membership goes directly to the USDF to pay for GMO membership.

The USDF Group Membership year is from December 1st to November 30th.  LVDA members are added to the USDF Group Membership roster regularly throughout the year.  Members who join/renew after February may see a lag time in receiving their USDF Membership card due to an increased volume of  renewal prior to show season.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: BEFORE signing up for a show, please verify that you are a current member to be able to take advantage of our LVDA Member discounted show fees and our Year-End Award program. Scores only count if you are member when they are earned!

Since the LVDA Membership Secretary maintains a database of members, including member information, please notify the membership secretary of any changes to your contact information.  

Membership Benefits 

As an LVDA member, you can enjoy the following club benefits:

Additionally, once you are a member, your USDF Group Membership makes you eligible for:

Group Members also have the inside track on local dressage happenings and GMO-sponsored USDF educational clinics and programs. paperwork.

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Lindsey Martell and I'll Have Another Cosmo PC: Sue Kinney

Lindsey Martell and "I'll Have Another Cosmo"

PC: Sue Kinney

Beth Waselus and "Luke No Hands"

PC: Dawn Stang

Michael Kemeter and "Card Counter LD" (Barbie)

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Rylan Kresge and Wild Houston

PC:  Jodi Kresge

Riley Schreiber and Spotlight Chic

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Cadee Kaniper and Billy
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